Recycled Bottle Glass Bead Necklace – Tutorial

recycled bottle glass bead necklace One of my favourite pastimes in summer is jewellery making. I get lots of books out of the library to teach myself new techniques and of course for inspiration. I always look for unusual beads, colour combinations that I haven’t tried before and interesting finishing  techniques.

In this necklace I used recycled bottle glass beads from Ghana, they are semi-translucent and really beautiful. The bell in the middle is made from recycled brass. I joined the necklace to a leather cord, this way I can wear it at different lengths and of course I like the look of it.

And here is how I made the necklace.

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Leather Cube Earrings – Make Sparkling Jewellery Out Of Scrap Leather

leather cube earrings

If you’ve followed me for some time, you probably know by now that I like finding ways to use up my leather scraps. Here I made leather cube earrings out of very thick leather (4-5mm) which I use for midsoles when making sandals/shoes.

They look suprisingly lovely considering what they are made off. I made various shapes like rectangles, triangles, squares and painted them in bright coulours. They are my new favourite earrings.

leather cube earrings

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Cardboard Coffee Table – Create Low Cost Furniture

Ever since I made a bag out of cardboard I’m captivated by the possibilities of this versatile material. You can fold, roll , sew and sculpt it and transform it into stunning furniture. Here I made a cardboard coffee table, you can also make chairs, sofas, tables, shelves, cupboards, even beds I’ve seen.

cardboard table

This table is easy to make, because of its simple design. I saw a similar table many years ago, I wanted one then, but found it too expensive (although it was probably made out of paper too).

The one I’ve built now out of cardboard wasn’t expensive, just the cost of paint and varnish, how awesome is that.

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Turquoise Clay Bead Necklace – Tutorial

turquoise clay bead necklace diy

Here I made a turquoise clay bead necklace with beads that resemble turquoise semi-precious stones using a technique called antiquing.

I used polymer clay to make the beads, it’s a wonderful medium – easy to work with and doesn’t need a lot of equipment. You can create so much with it, my kids and I often sit for hours shaping figures, food, and animals that we then use as charms for necklaces and bracelets.

Polymer clay is hardened by baking in the oven and once baked in can last for a long time.

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