Crocheting A Winter Scarf With Hand Spun Wool – Crochet Pattern

Crocheted scarf, diy

I love colourful winter accessories, I somehow need them to cheer me up in cold and grey weather. This winter scarf I crocheted with wool I spun on my spinning wheel. I started spinning when we moved to the UK 8 years ago. Someone sold me her spinning wheel and I’ve used it every winter since.

Mixing up colours and different fibres like wool, bamboo and silk is a lot of fun. And I find hand spun wool so much more beautiful than factory spun wool. The garments created with this wool never look like something you might have bought in a shop. It creates an uneven texture that is unique to hand spun wool.

wool tops

These wool tops I bought at Wingham Wool Works, they have a lot of very beautiful wool tops and a big choice of colours.

spun wool

Here are some yarn balls that I used to make the scarf, it’s sheep’s wool mixed with bamboo (makes wool shiny) and angelica for sparkle.

What you need to make the scarf

  • At least 500 m (546 y), worsted and yarn, depending on how long and how wide you want your scarf to be
  • Size 6mm crochet hook (US size J10, UK size 4)
  • Large eye wool needle
  • Abbreviations
  • ch chain
  • dc double crochet
  • sc single crochet
  • tr treble
  • tog together

    Crochet Pattern for the scarf

    Decide on how wide you want your scarf to be.

    Make a foundation chain of a multiple of 3 ch plus an extra 2 ch.

    To make the foundation row sc into 2nd ch from hook, then 1 sc into each ch to the end.

    Row 1: 3 ch (counts as 1 dc), 1 dc into same place *miss 2 sc, 3 dc into next sc, repeat from * to the end of the row, ending with 2 dc into the last sc.

    Row 2: 1 ch, 1 sc into each dc to the end, 1 sc into 3rd of 3 ch.

    Repeat rows 1 and 2 until your scarf is as long as you want it.

    A note on changing colours

    To get a neat change of colour, the last stitch of a row should be completed in the new colour. To do this work the final stitch in the old colour up to the last step than pick up the new colour and complete the stitch.

    Cut off the old colour and continue with the next colour.

    I like to stop once in a while to sew yarn ends in, so I don’t have to do it all at the end.

    Crocheting the Cluster Lace Edging

    Row 1: With a contrasting colour sc in each stitch around the whole edge of the scarf. Work 2 to 3 extra stitches into the corner spaces to make a neat corner.

    Row 2: 3ch, (1dc, 5ch, tr3tog into top of dc, 1dc) all into first sc * 3ch, miss 5sc, (1dc, 5ch, tr3tog into top of dc, 1dc) all into next sc, rep from * to end.

    How to tr 3tog: Work three treble into the space, leaving the last loop of each treble on the hook. Yarn over and draw through all four loops on the hook.

    Fasten off.

    Sew in all the yarn ends with the needle.

    That’s it, the scarf is ready to wear!







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