Leather Wrap Bracelet DIY – Make Your Own Leather Jewellery

I’m always looking for unusual ways to decorate leather. This leather wrap bracelet I decorated by cutting into the leather resulting in an interesting texture. I will definitely experiment more with this technique.

leather wrap bracelet diy

What I used to make the leather wrap bracelet


  • leather wrap bracelet diyveg tan leather strap
  • utility knife
  • edge dye
  • createx textile dyes
  • edge slicker
  • 2 Silver cone beads
  • Toggle fastener
  • Epoxy glue




How I made the bracelet


leather wrap bracelet diy



I first burnished the edges of the strap to make them smooth and shiny and then cut into the leather with the utility knife

I then dyed the edges and cuts with black edge dye. I let this dry and painted the surface in between the cuts with textile dyes, pearl gold, green and blue.

It’s the first time I’m using textile dye on leather, it worked fine, you could also use acrylic leather dye or edge dye.

Next I applied beeswax on the entire bracelet.





leather wrap bracelet diyFinally, I attached the toggle fasteners to the jump rings on the cone beads.

I had to cut the ends a bit to fit them inside the cone beads and then glued them into place with epoxy glue.

It takes a couple of hours for the glue to set. I often can’t wait that long to wear my new piece of jewellery …

I made another leather wrap bracelet decorated with the batik technique, also an interesting way to decorate leather.


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how to make unique leather sandals




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  1. Stunning! I’m hugely into jewellery but haven’t tried leather. I must find some veg leather, do some research & visit more of your blog!! Gosh, those colours…. Tyfs

  2. My pleasure, Neda. I did check out your link to where you purchase some of the items. Looks like a treasure trove. Also looks like I’ll need to save up my pennies first, lol. Ty for replying, I appreciate you must be busy. Caroline

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