Making Fur-Lined Winter Boots

These winter boots lined with rabbit fur are my latest boot-making project. They are so comfortable, warm and luxurious, especially for someone suffering from constant cold feet.

fur-lined winter boots

There are so many benefits to using rabbit fur. First and foremost, it is an incredibly warm and insulating material, making it perfect for keeping feet warm during the cold winter months. Additionally, it is lightweight and breathes, so feet stay dry and toasty.

    rabbit fur

    I purchased ethically-sourced rabbit fur, which means they are a by-product from rabbits killed for their meat or as a measure of pest control.

    cutting the fur

    Cutting rabbit fur can be a delicate process, as the fur can easily shed and lose its softness and fluffiness if not handled properly.

    To minimize shedding and maintain the quality of the fur, it is important to use a sharp razor blade or utility knife to make clean, precise cuts on the rough side of the skin. With this technique, you can cut rabbit skin without losing too much hair and ensure that your finished product looks and feels soft and fluffy.

    making fur-lined winter boots

    To glue the lining onto the quarters and vamp, I applied non-toxic water-based Renia Aquilim 315.

    making fur-lined winter boots

    I used two types of lace hooks instead of the typical eyelets. You require a special setting tool for the open lace hooks shown in the image above.

    making fur-lined winter boots
    Closed lace hooks attached with rivets

    I used very beautiful hand buffered tumbled Veg Tan Calf leather (pink) from BuyLeatherOnline (located in Italy). Leather soles and heel blocks are from Leather And Grindery. The fur is from English Rabbit Fur. I used the 14-eyelet boot pattern which I show how to make in my shoemaking eBook, now also available as a printed book on Amazon.

    Shoemaking Book Pdf

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