Making Leather Cuff Bracelets – Tips How To Make Them

leather bracelets diy

I love making leather cuff bracelets, they make great presents and are quick to create. Leather is one of my favourite materials to work with.

I make rings, necklaces and earrings out of leather and draw on them with a pyrography tool (basically a hot pen), or decorate them using leather stamps, acrylic leather paints, rivets or charms.

leather bracelet with charm

This leather cuff bracelet is decorated with a charm from a Yemeni silver necklace that a friend gave me when I lived there. I’ve since taken it apart and used the charms for jewellery making. The drawings I did with the pyrography tool.

leather bracelet diy

On this leather cuff bracelet, I used several decorating techniques like leather stamps, a pyrography tool, rivets and acrylic paint.

I find leather straps intended for belt making quite convenient for making leather cuff bracelets. All you have to do is cut the strap to the right length. I like my cuffs about 1cm (1/2 in) longer than my wrist measurement, you have to try out what you like best (a looser or tighter fit).

What you need to make a leather cuff bracelet

  • a strap of veg tanned leather, about 22cm (8.5in) long,
  • edge slicker – to burnish the cut edges of the leather
  • edge dye (optional)
  • eco-flo gel antique – I use medium brown
  • leather finish – I use a 100 % natural leather finish based on beeswax, carnauba wax and essential oils
  • Sam Brown studs or press studs for a closure
  • leather stamps, pyrography tool, rivets, charms, acrylic leather paint for decoration

Here is how to make it

  • cut a piece of vegetable tanned leather according to your wrist measurement, mine is about 4.5cm (1.7in) wide
  • dampen the edges of the piece of leather and burnish them with an edge slicker, I sometimes use edge dye after burnishing
  • decorate it with leather stamps or any way you want
  • dye it with antique gel
  • apply a leather finish
  • and finally, attach press studs or sam brown studs for closure.
 material formaking a leather cuf bracelet
Gel Antique, edge dye, leather, wooden edge slicker, leather stamps, beeswax, rivets

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how to make unique leather sandals

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6 comments on “Making Leather Cuff Bracelets – Tips How To Make Them

  1. Hi! I love your leather stuff. I do the same thing with upcycled thrift store belts. I can’t see other comments, so I’m not sure if you’ve already answered this, but I’m curious how you attached the little jewels? Did you use glue? If so, what kind? Thank you!

    1. Hello Kristin, upcycling thrift store belts sounds interesting. The little “jewels” are rhinestone rivets, they have two parts, one with a neck that goes through a punched hole. Both parts are then pressed together by hand. No glue used in the process.

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