Leather Cube Earrings – Make Sparkling Jewellery Out Of Scrap Leather

leather cube earrings

If you’ve followed me for some time, you probably know by now that I like finding ways to use up my leather scraps. Here I made leather cube earrings out of very thick leather (4-5mm) which I use for midsoles when making sandals/shoes.

They look suprisingly lovely considering what they are made off. I made various shapes like rectangles, triangles, squares and painted them in bright coulours. They are my new favourite earrings.

leather cube earrings

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Making A Spring Dress From Organic Cotton Fabric

Winter is nearly over (happiness) and I’ve started to make new clothes for my children. For spring clothes I usually make something from knit jerseys, often taking old dresses apart to make new t-shirts or mixing up new and older fabrics.

This dress I made for my teenage daughter from organic cotton jersey.

making spring dress organic cotton jersey fabric

The dress is a little challenging to make because of the 3 panels front and back, you have to attach them to the right places but other than that it comes together easily. I really like its shape and swing.

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Tooling A Leather Strap With Metal Stamps – Tutorial

I can’t wait to get out of socks and boots and into sandals! Here I made tooled one-strap sandals for my children’s grandmother who lives on the other side of the world in Chile, they are in the middle of summer now…

Tooled one strap leather sandals diy

Tooling leather straps is one way of adding sparkle to your leather projects. It’s taken me so long to find out about all the different ways to decorate leather that I thought I document whatever new I learn with each project I undertake.

Here is one way to tool leather to get the look you see on the sandals above.

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