Peace Silk Tunic

Peace Silk Tunic

I made this tunic for my daughter out of handwoven silk from India. Silk is my absolute favourite fabric, I buy peace silk, so-called because no silkworms are harmed or killed in the production process.

You can find peace silk fabrics at FabricTreasury an Etsy shop, located in India. The pattern I used for the tunic is from ottobre magazine 2/04, I made a few changes though.


Making Boots at Home – Inspiration For Shoe Making

Homemade boots

Making boots at home is the most wonderful feeling of accomplishment. You can make them look exactly like you want them, choose the material, colour, decoration, height and so much more!

I started making shoes 10 years ago, they didn’t look like these then. I used to take apart old shoes to figure out how they were constructed. I experimented with basic shapes, different kinds of leathers, dyes and ways to decorate it while teaching myself leather craft techniques.

I got so fascinated by the fact that I can actually make shoes at home that I haven’t bought another pair of shoes since.

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