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Hello and welcome to Second Skin Blog! If you want to make your own clothes, shoes and accessories you are at the right place.

I started to make my own clothes more than 10 years ago out of a longing for a handmade, not mass-produced wardrobe.

I didn’t want to settle for what was available anymore or bump into someone who wore the same dress as I. Creating my second skin has become my passion.

This passion has led me to explore and practice many crafts, learning something new all the time.

I write about

  • embroidery
  • hand printing
  • sewing
  • shoe making
  • leather crafts
  • jewellery making
  • and whatever new things I discover

Find below my most popular posts for each of the categories I’m writing about


On Making Clothes

Making your own clothes is so much fun, here are posts about embroidery and hand printing that might inspire you.

Hand Embroider JeansBeautify your clothes with embroidery












wood block printingstencil printing











On Making Shoes

Discover the little-known craft of shoe making! Making your own sandals is a great way to start with shoe making. They are easy to make, once you know the basic techniques. I wrote an e-book on sandal making, it contains everything you need to know to become the maker of beautiful sandals.

Ebook sandalmakingMaking boots












Making children's shoesmaking the derby shoe










On Making Accessories

Find tutorials and tips here on how to make leather bracelets, wallets, belts and a bag out of cardboard.

making a batik leather wallet, tutorialmaking a leather cuff bracelet











making a leather belt, tutorialmaking a cardboard bag, tutorial