Shoemaking Book is available now!

My new PDF shoemaking Book Handcraft Your Own Shoes And Boots – A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Artisan All Leather Shoes and Boots At Home is available now!

Shoemaking eBook

With this book, you will acquire the skills to make beautiful, eco-friendly, comfortable and long-lasting Derby shoes and boots in any size you wish.

Step-by-step instructions show how to create a shoe/boot, including pattern making, stitching techniques, toe and heel enforcements, how to attach soles using a water-based non-toxic adhesive, edge finishing soles and the lasting process.

Furthermore, there is advice on leather selection, lasts and how to modify them if necessary, soles, heels and leather dyes.

The projects include making a Derby shoe, an ankle boot, a high-rise boot and a boot with a bellows tongue.

Shoemaking eBook

The book is suitable for beginners. All the work can be done by hand, no machines are needed.


It has 278 pages and more than 400 photographs. You can open and read it with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software you can download).

Shoemaking eBook


Here are some reviews readers of this book have posted on the Shoemaking Fun Facebook page:

Another reader wrote to me:

Hey Neda, I bought your book in December and started to make my own shoes. I have to say I love it and never thought my first try would turn out that well. It’s perfect for beginners. Even though English is not my mother tongue, it was easy to understand. Every step is well explained, and the beautiful photos help implement the steps. Thank you so much for writing this book, I recommend it to anybody who wants to start making shoes.”

And here is a photo of the boots she has made (posted on her Instagram account @knubbelgnomcreations)

Make the most comfortable shoes and boots you will ever wear while learning a skill to serve you a lifetime!

Update March 2023

This book is now also available as a printed book on Amazon. Click here if you are in the USA and here if you are in the UK (affiliate links). Please consider the environmental impact of physical books versus an e-book. I know not everyone is comfortable with e-books, if that is your case by all means get the printed version!

Shoemaking eBook


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If you have any questions regarding this shoemaking e-book, contact me here.

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Batik Leather Wallet – Decorating Leather With The Batik Technique

batik leather wallet

I love decorating leather. This batik leather wallet is the result of my recent discovery that leather can be decorated using the batik technique.

I was inspired by photographs in a leathercraft book from the 70s where someone applied paint to leather with the batik technique, when I saw the photos (black and white, unfortunately) I just had to try it out.

I experimented with different designs and colour combinations using up all my leather scraps in the process (and a lot of dye) until I had a surface I liked and which I stitched into this wallet.

batik wallet open

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