Making Fur-Lined Winter Boots

These winter boots lined with rabbit fur are my latest boot-making project. They are so comfortable, warm and luxurious, especially for someone suffering from constant cold feet.

fur-lined winter boots

There are so many benefits to using rabbit fur. First and foremost, it is an incredibly warm and insulating material, making it perfect for keeping feet warm during the cold winter months. Additionally, it is lightweight and breathes, so feet stay dry and toasty.

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Making Boots at Home – Inspiration For Shoe Making

Making boots at home is the most wonderful feeling of accomplishment. You can make them look exactly like you want, choose the material, colour, decoration, height and so much more!

I started making shoes 10 years ago, they didn’t look like these then. I used to take apart old shoes to figure out how they were constructed and then experimented with basic shapes, different leathers, dyes and ways to decorate it while teaching myself leather craft techniques.

I got so fascinated by the fact that I can actually make shoes at home that I haven’t bought another pair of shoes since.

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